What Services Can You Expect From A Funeral Parlour In Singapore?

29 May

What Services Can You Expect From A Funeral Parlour In Singapore?

The movies show certain basic functions of funeral homes, like selling caskets, embalming, and providing visitation rooms. Real-life funeral homes, however, provide a much wider array of services than most people realize. If you’ve ever wondered about what actually happens at one of these places, the following are some of the services you can expect from a Funeral Parlour in Singapore.


A funeral home sells or rents any material item that you need for a funeral service. Items can include caskets, cremation urns, a hearse, a tent, and even a shroud or burial clothes if needed. Most funeral homes offer a wide range of options for each of these things so that family members can make choices that feel personal and individual.


Funeral homes take care of the body of the deceased and prepare it for viewing if that is desired. In many cases, a body is embalmed before viewing, meaning that bodily fluids are replaced with a preservative chemical while the body is also posed and treated with cosmetics for a positive viewing experience.


This service can involve picking up the body at the home or hospital where the person died and then transporting it to the funeral home and later to the burial site. Funeral home employees may also assist the family in carrying the casket from the funeral home to the hearse and from the hearse to the burial ground.

Religious Services

In Singapore, a funeral home should offer services for the different religions that are practiced in the area, such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Catholicism, among others. Services may include providing special altars, decorations, items used in rituals like candles and joss sticks, and monks or priests.


Because funerals bring together many friends and family, they are often a time for socializing and reminiscing. Thus, many funeral parlors provide simple snacks or even a buffet of catered food for funeral attendees.


Funeral homes may also compose an obituary for the deceased based on information given by family members and publish the obituary in a local newspaper or obituary website.

Other miscellaneous services may include music, a shuttle bus service, an audio-visual display, paper houses and other goods, and pre-planning services. Pre-planning a funeral is a great way to make the choices you want and relieve your family members from having to make those decisions later on.