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25 Aug    Financial

Is It Worth A Shot To Apply For Public Sector Jobs?

There are a lot of people who are wondering whether it is better to find public sector jobs or seek employment in the private sector. This is among the common questions many of the new job hunters ask when looking at their career options. Whether you believe it or not, the jobs in public as well as private sector comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages and for that, it is a must to take into careful consideration every factor before settling on a profession.

As for those who think of working in the government, one of the major benefits that you can reap is job security. Government jobs aren’t totally affected by the state of economy not like private sector jobs. What is meant by this is, you can secure your job even if there is economic recession whereas those who are in the private sector are on the edge of losing their jobs or suffer layoffs.

In addition to have job security, another good reason why it is nice to work in local government jobs is that, it gives lots of benefits. Needless to say, those who are working in private sectors do receive benefits but, these don’t reach the scope or level of those that are acquired by civil workers. Government benefits include lifelong or extended health care benefits, maternity and paid vacation leaves as well as hefty benefit packages for its retirees.

Aside from that, there are 2 lesser known benefits of deciding to work in public sector one is that, there’s good work hours and two is having solid pay. Government employees receive better compensation than their private sector counterparts, which is contrary to popular belief. The compensation for workers in public sectors are kept at competitive level to be able to attract top professionals. And when talking about work hours, government employees usually stick to traditional 9 to 5 schedule and there’s hardly any need to do extra hours of work. No doubt, this is an attractive perk for all those who wish to spend more time and bond with their families.

Needless to say, employment in state government jobs do come with some drawbacks and among these is the less chances for getting promotion. Not like in the private sector in which you can get pay raises and quickly climb up in corporate ladder faster, it is going to take you more time to snatch a higher position when working in the public sector. For this reason, you may need to wait a bit longer before getting the position you want when seeking for federal jobs after all, it is all about patience and commitment in work.

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