A Recent Drone Review Of The DJI Phantom 3 Highlights Its Overall Value

With DJI’s eagerly anticipated Phantom 4 now on store shelves, heading straight for that model can seem like the obvious choice. Most of those who are in the market for a drone of this level of performance and quality will already have a good idea that the Phantom family tends to deliver. As the Phantom 4 has received generally glowing reviews since its unveiling, buying DJI’s newest and best offering might feel like a natural option. In fact, though, more than one recent drone review of the dji phantom 3 points out some facts that many people will do well to consider.

Most important of all of these is simply that the Phantom 3 can now be found for quite a bit less money than the retail price of the Phantom 4. With the earlier model still widely stocked and almost sure to be so for some time, many buyers are likely to find that it represents quite a bit more value than its advanced successor. Far from giving up too much in the exchange, many buyers will also find that the Phantom 3 both represents a suitably capable platform in its own right and a significant improvement over the competing models from other manufacturers.

For one thing, the Phantom 3 still boasts an operating range that greatly exceeds what is to be expected from other drones around its price point. Even compared to many other well-reviewed drones from the same basic class, the Phantom 3 can often travel twice as far from its transmitter without trouble. That alone can make it much easier to capture interesting video and stills without being overly constricted with regard to the options by that simple, technical fact.

Another way in which the Phantom 3 stands out is with its complement of sensors and advanced features. Just like the Phantom 4, the earlier model does an excellent job of stabilizing imagery even when conditions in the air become a little rough. Given that the Phantom 3 can now often be found at a far lower price than is typical of its successor, many buyers would therefore do well to look into this option before making a purchase.