I Am in Graduate School Right Now

1 Oct    General Articles

It was really difficult to get here and it is not going to be a lot easier to get through it. Of course I took a couple of years off. Thanks to hard work and getting ahead of the game I was able to get my degree in mathematics a few days before my 21st birthday and I was able to work on Wall Street for about thirty months after. I made good money, but I also finished my computer science credits and I wrote a paper called the Evolution of Bitcoin as well. It was quite well received and people started to think that I understood the topic better than I really do. While that is not true right now, I am definitely working to get there and my intention is to become an expert on the application of blockchain for cybersecurity. That is what I have been doing on Wall Street and they offered me a great deal of money to keep doing it at the same time that I am in graduate school.

I convinced my boss to pay off the remainder of my college debt before I agreed to, although obviously I have to pay for grad school still. There is a tremendous amount of hard work in front of me, but the rewards are really going to be big if I can achieve what I plan to attempt. Of course as soon as I got back here I ran into a girl that I apparently knew three years ago. She seems to almost have her doctorate now, and she seems to have enjoyed my paper. It was a really odd feeling. I was really embarrassed that I did not remember her, this is not the sort of girl you should not remember unless you do not like girls.