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Problematic Behaviors Displayed By Parrots And How To Solve Them

There are behaviors that the pet parrots display that needs to be dealt with. One of the behaviors that the parrot will show openly is biting. This is caused by the way the parrot owner approaches and treats their parrot. Parrots that are approached with nervousness identifies it and they react using a bite. If you use your hands to throw the bird away, it associate your hands with evil deeds. Parrots use their beaks to shield them. It is essential to go towards you parrot while calm to eliminate such behavior. Positively use your hands and do not use your hands to rebuke the parrot. Every time your parrot acts confidently you should gift it and whenever it bites you should remain composed to prevent the strengthening of such behavior.

Some birds tend to get rid of their feathers. Giving your pet a poor diet will cause the frayed feathers to be weak. Your parrot needs to be fed with a diet that has essential nutrients. A pet that does not get enough sunlight may cause it to self-mutilate The cage where the parrots are kept should be positioned somewhere where the sun rays can reach. The removal of feathers is also stimulated by boredom or stress. The parrot should have enough space for their movement. The parrot should remain active to avoid getting bored. Feather plucking is a sign of depression and loneliness hence the need to spend time with your bird and give it attention to prevent this behavior.

The parrots may also get into screaming. Evading from approaching your parrot when it is screaming it is a great way of eliminating this problem. Your bird needs to be applauded and given attention when it does not show this behavior. Screaming is mainly caused by boredom and stress. You should eliminate any problem that may cause your bird to be stressed by stimulating your bird with toys and interacting with it often. You bird needs to know how to speak so that it can express itself through talking when faced with stress.

When your pet fails to receive enough mental stimulation, it results in making a mess in the cage or biting furniture. You need to have some time with your pet and engage in activities. Praise your parrot whenever it shuns from getting involved in negative behavior. Your parrot may create a territory and attack anyone who may occupy their area terming it as a personal territory. This shows a dislike of the bird to the environment. This can be corrected by having your parrot take a bath severally and bonding with it by sharing safe food. You need to create a calm, open atmosphere and live alongside with your parrot without the need of establishing a territory.