Can I Get An Out Of State Insurance Rider?

Can I Get An Out Of State Insurance Rider?

Can I Get An Out Of State Insurance Rider?

Your car insurance will cover you no matter where you might be in the United States when you have an accident. Most states require you to carry insurance in order to register your vehicle. Each state has different requirements for coverage and limits, but they all require some sort of financial responsibility on the part of the car owner to meet the state requirements.

Your car insurance is written for the state that you live in, no matter if you jump in your car and go on vacation to another state 2,000 miles away, you are still covered under your regular car insurance policy. You will be covered for the limits that are set by the state that you have an accident in, regardless of how much your policy is written for.

If you relocate permanently, you will transfer your registration and driver’s license to the new state and with most insurance companies, a simple call will help you to get your information changed over to the new state. You may need to go into a local agent’s office and verify your vehicle identification number and provide a copy of your new driver’s license.

You may find that your new state’s insurance is more expensive than the last state you had insurance in and it will be a good time to compare auto insurance quotes, especially if you are moving somewhere the insurance rates are higher.

Long visits to other states may require you to insure your vehicle for amounts that will meet those state’s registration requirements. Part-time residents in two states will usually carry insurance for the state of their primary registration, but if they are in a state that has much higher requirements, they might wish to increase their coverage.

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To avoid any complications or problems, the best thing you can do is to call your current car insurance agent and discuss the situation with them. Some states may require you to carry a policy that is written in their state in order to be insured while on an extended vacation. Your agent will be able to help you to obtain information needed in order to comply with the law and the insurance company’s requirements.

You can also obtain additional auto insurance comparison quotes from other companies to help you to make your decision about adding any necessary additional coverage to your policy.