What Are The Penalties For Driving Without Car Insurance?

What Are The Penalties For Driving Without Car Insurance?

What Are The Penalties For Driving Without Car Insurance?

Every state requires either car insurance or financial responsibility in order to register a vehicle.

Even with those laws in effect, the percentage of uninsured motorists still sits at one in seven drivers are on the road without insurance.

Car insurance does not need to be expensive. There are so many different ways to compare auto insurance quotes that it makes sense that someone can find a policy that will fit both their budget and the legal requirements of their state.

Comparing auto insurance is not hard; online auto insurance comparison can be done by simply entering your zip code and the computer does the rest. Even a phone call to a local car insurance agent can get you a quote in no time.

No matter how easy it is to get car insurance, there are going to be those who drive without it.

The penalties for driving without insurance can be higher than what it would have cost to buy the insurance originally.

If you are driving without insurance and you are stopped, you can expect to pay a penalty for breaking the law in your state.

These penalties can include things like having your driver’s license or registration suspended.

You may end up with a ticket for not carrying insurance on your vehicle.

You may also end up paying fines to have your registration and driver’s license reinstated.

If you simply did not have your insurance card with you, you may be allowed to show proof of insurance at the court or police station and have that ticket or charge removed.

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If you do find yourself with a ticket or a suspended license and registration, you can expect to pay quite a bit more for your car insurance than if you had simply purchased it in the first place.

You now will have tickets against your driving record, which will increase your car insurance rates.

You may need to take a defensive driving course to get points removed from your license, which may help in reducing your car insurance rates, but you will need to pay for the class and you will need to provide proof of completion once you do get insurance.

Additionally, if you are involved in an accident while driving without insurance, you can be setting yourself up for a lawsuit. Especially, if there is a great amount of property damage or any type of personal injury. Just because you may live in a state that has uninsured motorists coverage, does not mean that you cannot be sued for damages.

If you should find yourself in any of these situations, you may be penalized further by your state, by being required to carry SR-22 insurance for the next several years. This is insurance that is monitored by the insurance company and your state and it is not cheap insurance. It is like being on insurance probation and it is expensive.

In states like Texas, if you are caught driving without insurance, law enforcement has the right to tow and impound your vehicle. That can cost you an additional sum of money to get your vehicle released once you can prove you have insurance.

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When it is so expensive to be caught without insurance, it seems financially irresponsible to keep your vehicle uninsured.

Comparing insurance premiums is the best way to get the cheapest car insurance that you can afford.

Auto insurance comparison is easy to do online or in person at a local agent’s office. The only way that you are going to save money on car insurance is to compare auto insurance quotes to get the best rate that you can.

If you get caught driving without insurance, you can expect your car insurance rates to be higher. Buying insurance now is one way that you know you can save on your car insurance.