What Is Short Term Car Insurance?

What Is Short Term Car Insurance?

What Is Short Term Car Insurance?

The normal car insurance policy is divided into premiums of six-months or a year and generally renews automatically at the end of the policy period. This is true for both full-coverage insurance policies and those policies that are written at the basic level to meet registration requirements imposed by the state laws.

Some policies are called short term policies and instead of being for a six-month period, they can be tailored to meet your specific insurance needs. You may need to call around or check with different insurance companies to get comparison quotes for this type of insurance, but it is available.

You can purchase short term insurance for the bare necessities or you can purchase full-coverage, which will include comprehensive or collision.

If you have family that will be staying with you for a short time, you can always obtain a short term policy to cover them for your vehicle. Your car insurance will cover them as drivers as long as you allow them to drive, but there may be limitations to your car insurance that require an increase for an additional driver. You do not want to put yourself in a financially liable position when with a simple phone call you can purchase a short term policy.

Short term policies can also be used with rental cars to cover you for trips across country. This is in lieu of purchasing the rental car insurance provided by the rental car companies or require you to use a certain credit card to obtain the credit company’s rental car insurance. Short term insurance in this respect allows you flexibility to purchase exactly what will suit your needs.

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When you use short term insurance for a rental car, you can purchase as little as one day if that is all that is needed.

Other ways to use a short term insurance policy is for storage vehicles and vehicles that are in transit between owners. These insurance policies can be used to cover your vehicle until they are no longer needed.

A short term policy for a collector car that is stored in a storage facility is not going to be covered for as much as the car is worth. Additional insurance is something you will want to purchase, especially if you are located in areas with disastrous weather conditions such as hurricanes.

You will want to compare auto insurance quotes for short term insurance from several places when you get ready to buy this. Many companies specialize in short term insurance and can offer you the best quote.

Short term insurance is not set up for automatic renewal and it will end at the specified time stated. If you wish to continue your insurance, you will need to purchase another policy.

Although this insurance is the same coverage as permanent auto insurance, you may find that discounts may not be readily available on short term insurance.