How Teen Auto Insurance can Affect You and Your Policy

How Teen Auto Insurance can Affect You and Your Policy

How Teen Auto Insurance can Affect You and Your Policy

Few things in life will cause parents to stay awake more than the thought of a teenage driver getting behind the wheel for the first time. The idea of their little baby on the road and making split-second decisions is sometimes too difficult to handle, but there are ways to make this better. Educating your teenage driver on the requirements of your car insurance and the usual pitfalls of teen drivers can have a big impact on their driving safety. Here are a some numbers to consider discussing with your teen driver.

46% – This is the percentage of drivers ages 16 and 17 that admit to text messaging while driving, which is an incredibly dangerous task to undertake. Several high-profile cases have come out in the last several years that ruled the proximate cause of a fatal car accident being the texting and driving of a teenage driver. This is why when you compare teen auto insurance you find that it’s so expensive, because insurance companies are afraid to insure such reckless behavior.

12.9% – This is the percentage of all drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2006 that were teenage drivers, most in their first year of driving legally. In fact, drivers in their first year on the road happen to be the most likely to die in a car accident, this is in contrast to all other drivers on the road. This is a truly terrifying percentage for all parents as almost 13% is unacceptable to lose on our roads.

16% – This is the percentage of all police-reported accidents that come from teenage driver-related scenarios. The number happens to be larger, by far, than any other group in the total of all drivers and accidents on the road. Again, teenage auto insurance is higher because there are more accidents and more serious accidents than with any other groups.

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What Can be Done to Help these Numbers?

To reverse these trends there are many states that are instituting graduated license programs that allow drivers to refine their skills and improve on the road. What can be done is sometimes overlooked as we are simply too consumed with mourning the loss of young friends or family members. Parents must stress to their kids the importance of avoiding distracted driving as it causes people to lose track of what is happening on the road and reduces reaction time.

Texting is extremely popular with teenagers and is extremely toxic to the health of a good driver on the road. There are many reasons to avoid this, the top of the list being the potential to have a loved one expose themselves to potential harm. Also important to know is that drinking, eating, reading and writing cause distracted driving as well and if you indulge you could be exposing yourself to unsafe conditions.

How Should You List Your Teen Driver on Your Auto Insurance?

How Should You List Your Teen Driver on Your Auto Insurance?

What you should find out when your child is within a year from becoming licensed is how your insurance company handles additions to your policy. There are a few different ways that this may be handled and you need to know so you can handle yours the right way.

  1. Your insurance company may get the name and birthdate of your child and set it up in the system to add them as a driver as soon as they hit the age they are allowed to drive. This is something to watch because it could cause your rates to go up. Teenage drivers are scary to auto insurance companies and they will likely cause your premiums to go up when they are added to your policy.
  2. Your insurance company waits for you to inform them that your child is of the legal age to drive and have passed his or her test. This can be hard too as it is sometimes hard to remember and some policies will not carry a driver that is not listed on the policy. Make sure you follow up with your insurance company in either scenario to guarantee that everything is covered.
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Buying Your Teenage Auto Insurance Policy

What you need to know is there are ways to get discounts for your teenage driver, the most obvious being the discount for having a good student. Every insurance company will have a different approach to this and you should find out if your child qualifies. Many people will then buy the insurance and let their child know that they can save money if the child does well in school.

When you are buying auto insurance for your teenager it is important to remember that their coverage relies on you. Ask your insurance agent when you compare auto insurance quotes online that you need to insure this driver as soon as possible and they should be able to take care of the rest.