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Features of the Best Wedding Officiant

Weddings are special events that we dream of having. After falling in love with your partner, the next thing you think about is to officiate your union. While at it, you start with your wedding preparation. Regardless of whether you are doing a church wedding or garden wedding, you will need someone to officiate your union. If you are not an active member of a church, then getting a pastor to officiate becomes an issue. Also, if you belong to the special group like having same-sex marriage, you might be faced with a similar challenge. During this time, checkout for the following features that will guarantee you the best wedding officiants.

First and foremost, consider a non-discriminatory person. When it comes to some particular groups like interfaith or same-sex marriages, some officiants will not offer their services in this line. To get a pleasant experience during your big day, ensure that your preferred officiant isn’t bothered by such issues.

Secondly, ensure you are dealing with an experienced wedding officiant. Check the profile of the person to see how many weddings they have officiated and their personality in general. You should also settle for an officiant that is within your state. This is to allow your convenience when you need to meet and discuss the wedding.

Also, check on their commitment and availability. A reliable person will understand your busy schedule due to the planning process, and they will be flexible enough to set a meeting within your convenience. They can do so by coming to you, or you can plan a virtual meeting to discuss the wedding. Also, once you have settled on a wedding date, they will close that slot and not be available to other events during that day. Such a feature will give you peace of mind to avoid last-minute changes.

Besides, check on the reviews of the officiant. Testimonials from other couples will help you know the character of the officiant. When you get a lot of positive reviews, then know that you have made the right selection. You don’t want disappointments on your big day, and this means having an officiant that has got your back.

Moreover, choose an award-winning officiant. It takes experience and good work for one to win an award. For this reason, getting an officiant that has earned a distinction in the wedding industry, then you are in good hands. Such recognition means that they are the top players in the market.

It is equally important to get one that will help you with premarital counseling. Your officiant should play the role of your religious leader. It should not be a one-day affair of officiating your wedding and disappearing. Before your wedding day, you should receive premarital counseling that will guide your marital journey. With this in mind, ensure you choose an officiant that is well versed with premarital and marital counseling. Such can be done through one on one meetings or virtual meetings.

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