How Can Unsafe Driving Habits Affect Car Insurance Cost?

How Can Unsafe Driving Habits Affect Car Insurance Cost?

How Can Unsafe Driving Habits Affect Car Insurance Cost?

Getting the best car insurance rate depends mostly on having a clean driving record, and not having an extremely expensive vehicle.  Being a safe driver can significantly reduce the risk that you get into an auto accident. Reducing your risk of getting into an accident can lower your insurance premium.

Here are some unsafe driving habits that can increase your premium:

Driving Too Fast

Driving faster than the posted speed limit is an easy way to get into trouble. The easiest way to increase your premium is by getting a speeding ticket. However, you can be driving under the speed limit while still driving too fast. Consider the danger you put yourself in by driving too fast on an icy road. You could easily hit a patch of ice and spin out of control. Wrecking your car will surely make it harder to get a cheap car insurance quote, so drive safe, and drive for the current weather conditions.

Talking While Driving

Most states have laws that ban talking on your cell phone while driving. Police could be looking out for drivers who talk on the phone while driving. Talking on your phone can also take your focus off the road. Scores of people are killed each year in accidents that were caused by a distracted driver. Get a hands-free set if you need to be using your phone while you drive, and stay 100% legal.

Disregarding Traffic Signals

Traffic signs and signals are put in place for a reason. A stop sign means you must come to a complete stop. Yellow lights suggest that you should slow down if you cannot get past the light before it turns red. Never make a right turn on a red light if you see a sign prohibiting it. Disregarding these traffic signals could increase your car insurance rate and also could put the lives of other drivers in danger.

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Driving Under The Influence

Just stay where you are if you are too drunk to drive. A DUI could impact your ability to get insurance for years to come, and when you do get insurance SR-22 insurance is not very cheap.  Other legal issues can arise if you are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Always find a sober driver to take you home if you are too impaired to drive a car.

Always drive safely when you are on the road. Do not risk your own life as well as the lives of others on the road. You will feel guilty for the rest of your life if you seriously injured someone with your car. Driving safely will also allow you to get the best price on your car insurance policy.