4 Ways Your Metal Forming Business Can Save Money

4 Ways Your Metal Forming Business Can Save Money

You work hard running your own metal forming business, so why not keep more of the money you make in your pocket? You can do so by learning to save money, and there are different ways you can do this.

1. Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs
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The best way for your company to reduce energy costs is to hire an energy auditor. Check with your utility company to see if they can send someone out to your business. If not, hire an electrical contractor such as Sycamore Engineering to do this for you. The contractor will identify where your company is wasting energy.

While the electrical contractor is there, ask them to look over all of your electrical wiring. They can check to make sure your electric meter is working properly. If your electric bills have been high lately, the electrician can determine if something in your building is using much more power than it should be, which could be because of an electrical short in the wiring.

2. Check the Lighting

Check the Lighting
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Lighting is very important, because if your employees can see better, they can do their job better. Using the right type of light can also save your company money. Make sure the bulbs you use are energy efficient. Change all the bulbs in your company to either CFL or LED, as both of these can save you a considerable amount of money. If you have areas of your business that need more light, hire an electrical contractor to install them for you. This contractor will also understand the best types of lights you need for your particular company.

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3. Minimize Manual Handling

Minimize Manual Handling
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Consider using machines to do some of the work employees currently do by hand. This is safer for your employees, and will ensure the parts are being assembled in the right way. Machines do not call in sick or get stress injuries from repetitive motions. They will not start sneezing and drop a thousand dollar load of small and delicate parts that you cannot afford to have damaged.

When you set up a machine to automate the process of a task, each part will come out exactly the same, and your employees will make those parts much faster. This will ensure you get your parts out to your customers on time.

4. Use the Right Tools

Use the Right Tools
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Using the right tools to cut a piece of metal and form it into the right shape avoids having a lot of excess scrap created during the manufacturing process. Some of the machines you may use to cut and shape steel include:

CNC Metal Punch: With this tool, you can cut sheet metal into the right sized piece, and then bend it into the correct form. If you are cutting and forming large pieces of sheet metal, a CNC metal punch bends at the cut site so no excess steel is left over.

Cutting Laser: A cutting laser allows precise cuts in the sheet metal that have smooth edges. This machine can make the cuts very close to each other, which maximizes the number of forms that can be made from one plate of sheet metal, which minimizes excess scrap.

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